Battlepanda: Moving blues


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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Moving blues

Despite the fact that it really hasn't been that long since I set up house, I have somehow wound up with a whole apartment full o' crap. It's a good thing I'm moving to North Carolina now, because if I had gone on accumulating junk at this rate an interstate move would soon become a complete logistical impossibility. I tag-saled. I eBayed. I made countless trips to the salvation army. And still I have box after box of ill-organized belongings I don't really want to take with me but can't stand to throw away.

I have gotten good at junking stuff that is genuinely useless like unflattering clothes or a terrible pop CD I picked up in Taiwan on a whim. The stuff that confounds me is the perfectly useful stuff that nevertheless does not make sense to schlep all the way down to North Carolina. A big box of envelopes. A folding chair. A copy of War and Peace bookmarked a third of a way through and sitting unopened and reproachful on my bureau...