Battlepanda: Saturday night is all right for template overhaulin'


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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Saturday night is all right for template overhaulin'

I never liked my template.

Never, not even from day one. I chose it because it was the closest to what I had when I blogged with Typepad. Ever since then I've hated its tiny font, too-wide borders, stupid borders and too-wimpish colors. But I was too afraid/lazy to mess with it.

Well, thanks to inspiration from Dadahead and the Werewolf, I'm finally taking the plunge. And in typical Battlepanda style, I'll be trying to do it all at once. Expect the old blog to be all messed up/constantly in flux for the next few hours as I try things out. Not that anybody's really paying attention on a Saturday night. I'd like to think that my blog readers have slightly more of a life than I do.