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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bodysnatchers 2005

This is astonishing morbid.
The family of Alistair Cooke voiced horror yesterday over allegations that body-snatchers illicitly carved bones from the venerated broadcaster immediately after his death from cancer almost two years ago and sold them for profit.

Mr Cooke's daughter, Susan Kittredge, said she learned last week that her father may have been one of the victims of a ghoulish body-parts-for-sale scam that has been under investigation by the District Attorney's office in Brooklyn for several months.

So far, investigators believe they have uncovered about 30 cases where bodies submitted for burial or cremation in New York were illicitly plundered in an illegal trade that could be worth billions of dollars. The parts were allegedly sold to companies that recycle human tissue for use in patients.

As the investigation progresses, investigators have already disinterred three bodies - bones were missing from each of them - and may eventually dig up all 30 for examination. His bones, police believe, netted the suspects about £4,000.

Apart from the 'yuk' factor, I must admit I am surprised that human bones are worth that much. Four thousand pounds is like $7000.