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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Future is Orange?

As I've mentioned before, the Libertarians have done a stand-up job in terms of the Cory Maye story. Boy, was I naive when I thought I could simply divvy them up between the left and the right though. They let me know loud and clear -- they don't want to be in either faction. They're Libertarians, dammit!

So, what is the color of a Libertarian? Purple, for being in the middle, seems too wishy-washy for such an opinionated bunch. Hammer of Truth nominates "orange", and if a non-libertarian might be allowed to have an opinion on this, I think it's a great choice -- strident, bright and decidedly apart from the red-to-blue spectrum.

I've also come across a lot of fine sites that totally refreshed my concept of what it means to be a libertarian. I already have a section devoted to libertarians on my blogroll (Life, liberty and the pursuit of market efficiency). But interesting as those blogs are, they are mostly libertarian from an economic point of view. The blogs that are championing Cory Maye's case have a decidedly different tenor to them that I also really like. One of them, Brad Spangler, even went as far as to say "Large corporations as they exist today are, in actuality, appendages of the state and not "free enterprise""! He's definitely not the kind pro-corporate market-worshipping libertarians I know and currently link to. What should I call this bunch?