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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Stealing Roxanne's Resolution

I am stealing Rox Populi's 2005 resolution for myself in 2006 -- to read one book a week for the year. Two reasons: first, it just seems like a really cool thing to do, especially as more and more of my disposable time gets eaten up by short-attention-span activities like TV and blogging. Second of all, she actually did it! She stuck to her resolution, a rare achievement indeed. Maybe I will be able to steal some of her positive energy. I, who have set many but never stuck to any new year resolutions.

Besides. Some of the books she tackled look tantalizing. Here's the list.

Since I am well-known for my lack of self-control and tendency to procrastinate, I'm going to enlist this blog in helping me stick to my resolution. Mondays after the new year will be Bookblogging days. Y'all can feel free to keep me honest if you don't see a mini-review of my week's reading up.

Also, recommendations are encouraged in the comments.