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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Fug is a feminist issue?

I'm with Majikthise...Go fug yourself is great. I see what Ann Bartow means by the "meaness" of the site (although it's more snarky than actually cutting -- I doubt any of the celebrities featured really mind), but not the "misogyny". Sure, the reason why we have to put up with Bai Ling somehow managing to bare her bosom despite being swarthed in what looks like a giant, furry squid could be due to the fact that we live in a society where some celebrities feel like they have to bare skin to attract attention. But don't blame Heather and Jessica for pointing out the fug.

By the way, You Knit What?? is like GFY for knitters. It's quite entertaining, and a reminder that the urge to slag off what's ugly is universal, and has got very little to do with "putting a dumb girl in her place".

(By the way, I did drop by Ann's and her blog is quite interesting, and I don't mean to join the pile-up on her specifically...just saying that on this particular issue, we disagree!)