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Friday, October 13, 2006

Full moon crazy dogs blogging

It was the Autumn Moon festival a while ago. I just got the (inevitably puppy-centric) pictures from my friend today. Here's Dodo and Percy, looking kind of crazed.
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Sorry for the slowness of posts lately. I'm still reading blogs about American politics, but trying to keep track of two political scenes is being hard on my brain.

Besides, everywhere I look, lefty bloggers have been hitting 'em out of the park lately. Tim Lambert surely deserves an award for wading through the right-wing blogosphere's attacks on the Lancet study and responding to each argument in turn. Meanwhile, Keiran Healey gently reminds the holdouts that there is a reason "the smell test" is not a respected method for determining anything about large populations.

There may indeed be lies, damned lies and statistics. But no. It doesn't mean that your gut feelings get to trump a study published in the Lancet.