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Monday, October 09, 2006

Goldfish on parade

I have a hard enough time just convincing my fish to stay alive, let alone do this:

I started keeping fish in a tiny tank in June. It seems apropos at this point to remember who got flushed thus far.

Farewell, Big Red.
So long, Milkdud.
Adios, Zippy and Skippy.
Goodbye, Bumblebee. You always looked kind of dead, and now you're truly dead at last.
Scooter, you just up and disappeared one day. I assume the others ate you.
Milton, I hardly knew ye.
See ya, Zorro.
Peace, JoJo.
Sorry, Ping pong. I should have changed that filter cartridge earlier.

After this grisly parade of dead fish, you'd think I'd learn not to name my piscine friends any longer. But what can I say, they just kind of come to me. Four fish remains: Brian, Shiteater, Liberace and the Grey Ghost.