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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Next time you're stuck behind a schoolbus...

Just be grateful that you're not stuck behind a temple procession.

This is a procession of the goddess Matsu. She is a little brown statue in the sedan. The procession stops frequently in front of shops, where the chair carriers turn perpendicular to the traffic and run backwards and forwards toward a shop, making as if to ram the chair into the store, but of course never actually doing so. Being a bad Taiwanese, I do not know the significance of this.

Some sneaky drivers try to sneak through past the chair as it seesaws back and forth.

This should give you some idea of the traffic buildup behind the parade. This is Roosevelt road, one of Taipei's main arteries.

Matsu definitely have a posse.

Some are big and have a hard time figuring out where to go.

Some are little.

Frequent juice breaks are a necessity.

Who say you can't look cool while riding a motorbike at two miles per hour?