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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Matt Welch on Horowitz

I find Horowitz comically awful because he's hyberbolic, inaccurate, predictable, and off-puttingly obsessed with the many bad choices he made as a young adult. I also firmly believe that Trotskyites rarely change their warped mental and rhetorical habits -- they only switch teams. And bad writers don't magically become good just because they suddenly vote for the same gang you do.
I agree with Matt Welch. I am generally suspicious of road-to-damascus type converts. Especially if they gratuitously milk their previous experience on the other team for all the rhetorical milage that they can get. Heck, I guess I'm wary of ideologues in the first place. But the wild swing of the pendulum just adds an extra dimension of flakiness to it all.

So, if any right-wingers out there who might be reading this: I'm glad you like Horowitz. Go ahead and keep him, and don't feel like you don't have to return the favor by sending any nutsos our way.