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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Wacky World Leader Watch: Hugo Chavez

President Chavez of Venezuela just printed one million copies of Don Quixote and gave it away to citizens to celebrate the book's 400th anniversary. This is quite typical for the wackily populist leader. He even has his own TV show every Sunday called Alo Presidente that runs for an average of five hours long. He also thinks that the U.S. is trying to assasinate him.

"If, by the hand of the devil, those perverse plans succeed... forget about Venezuelan oil, Mr Bush, " Mr Chavez said during his weekly TV show

"If you try, you will regret it Comrade Mr Bush.

Hugo Chavez. Definitely a wacky world leader.

UPDATE: Oops. Reading through my post again, it definitely seems anti Chavez. But really I'm not! I think that wacky guy is great. And I also wouldn't be surprised if the CIA is really trying to off him. But still He's wacky.