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Friday, May 20, 2005

It's all in the wrist

Hmm. Korean researcher claims that the secret to his nation's success with stem-cell research lies in the dexterity built by a lifetime of eating with chopsticks.
"This work can be done much better in Oriental hands," cloning master Hwang Woo-suk recently told the journal Nature Medicine. "We can pick up very slippery corn or rice with the steel chopsticks."

Oh, so it's not the Christo-facist theocracy that confines research to 6 mostly defunct lines of stem cells that's holding back American scientists. It's the knife and fork.
There's more:
Cloning clashes with South Korea's traditionally cherished Confucian belief that people inherit their bodies from ancestors and should not be tampered with. But the nation's quest for international recognition, a yearning for new medical treatments and fascination with biotechnology help explain why scientists here embarked on cloning and stem cell research.
Hwang said recently his commitment to his work is rekindled each time he runs into a patient whose disease may someday be cured with stem cells.
"Anyone, unless he has a heart of steel, will recognize and accept the need to advance with the research when he sees these patients," he said.