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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Puppies against the National ID card

Oh my goodness puppies are cute!

Despite the utter futility of arguing against puppies, I have to say I can't get into too much of a lather over the National ID card proposal in Britain. These is an identity card scheme in Taiwan, and it hasn't been a terrible invasion of my privacy. It's a useful document to prove one's identity. Much like a driver's license is in the U.S., except you don't have to be a driver. But since the Brits have been getting along fine without such a document, I don't really see the point of implementing it now at great expense either if people don't want it. As for getting all high-tech and inserting chips that store massive amounts of information in the card, I can't blame the authority for wanting to spend a little more to do that. Civil libertarians worry, and rightfully so, about giant information databases to be sold to businesses. But wouldn't it be helpful, to have your medical history right there in your ID card if you're rushed to the emergency room, for instance?

UPDATE: In case the puppies don't convince you, Eclectech (who made the animation) has more against the ID cards in this post.