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Monday, November 28, 2005

Oh, the humanity...

Now that this is happening, can this be far from our future...?

[A doctor's waiting room circa 2020. A man and a woman sitting apart are waiting for their appointments]

MAN: Oh oh. Here they come.

WOMAN: Quick, pretend you're reading that magazine and maybe they'll go away.

[Enter cheerteam with pompoms]

CHEER: If Pizza leaves you feeling ill, ask your Doc for the Purple Pill! Goooooo Nexium!

WOMAN: I don't suffer from heartburn.

[Cheerteam briefly huddles to confer]

CHEER: If you're feeling kind of sad, pop some pills and you'll be glad! Z-O-L, O-F-T! That's what does the trick for me!

MAN: Would you please go away?

CHEER: If you've been letting down the Missus, you will want to know what this-is...

MAN: Get out! Now!

CHEER: Sheesh! Take a chill pill.