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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

"Where's our no-confidence vote?"

Nice one from The Carpetbagger Report:
Now, there's plenty of interesting angles about Canada's parties and positioning for the upcoming election — my friend Michael Stickings is covering this nicely — but I can't help but notice a difference in standards. Paul Martin fell yesterday because of a minor corruption scandal that he had nothing to do with. George W. Bush, in a different system, is directly involved in several devastating scandals and Congress won't even convene a hearing. Worse, Bush offers no apology and makes no effort to make amends.

Where's our no-confidence vote?

Indeed. What exactly is the secret ingredient allowing the Bush government to rise above it all? Stephen Colbert has the answer (be sure to watch the video -- it's funny)

By the way, all those right-wingers crowing over their part in bringing down the rotten, rotten Canadian government should be dying a thousand deaths inwardly by now, if they had a sense of shame, that is.