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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Maybe I'm a nazi and just don't know it

Matt Singer of Left in the West links somewhat approvingly to Mike at the Last Best Place. Now, I don't know Mike, and I haven't taken it upon myself to trace the blog exchanges that lead Mike to say this. But I disagree so violently with what he has said that I have to respond.
Over the past few months there is scarcely an insult or expletive that hasn't been hurled in my direction over my honest reporting concerning Israel's right to exist. Don't believe for a second that the cancer of anti-Semitism doesn't influence that debate to an increasing degree. The "palestinian" cause, among those ignorant of it's birth and zenith among the far-left wing, is absolutely wrapped in the cloak of anti-Semitic ideology and rhetoric. The plight of the "palestinians," among many incongruent political persuasions, is simply the modern outlet for virulent anti-Semitism. One need only view the websites of any number of neo-Nazi organizations in the United States, press releases from the Saudi Government, or radio programs (programmes for you Anglophiles) from the "palestinian" Broadcasting Authority to realize the veracity of my statements and the trinity of their brotherhood.

Let's ignore for the time being Mike's repeated use of quotation marks around "palestinian" or "the plight of the palestinians" as if casting doubt on their existence might be a good way to solve the problem. This statement is the perfect example of the sloppy equation between being against the conduct of the Israeli government with being anti-semitic. Yes, us left-progressive are famous our anti-semitism, right? Except when we're Jewish, in which case we're self-loathing I'm sure. As for the insinuation that since Neo-Nazis hate the Jewish state, those criticizing Israel's appalling and ultimately self-destructive treatment of the Palestinians must be in a "brotherhood" with the Neo-Nazis, that's about as lazy and absurd as saying that Hitler was a vegetarian and therefore all vegetarians are his fellow-travellers.

I'm not denying that anti-semitism is a problem in America, just as racism against blacks, chinese people, people from India and Mexicans are a problem. But when China's brutal policies against Tibet are being challenged, I don't hear any Chinese-Americans accusing Tibet's supporters of being anti-sinites. I don't want to be dismissive of any group's sufferings, but it needs to be pointed out that the constant use of "anti-semitism" charges as a cudgel to beat down criticism of Israeli's policies is baffling given the greater prevalence of anti-Islam sentiments in the United States. In fact, I would expect the average anti-semite in the United States to be the kind of bigot that hates brown-skinned muslims ten times than Jews.

I doubt anything I've said will convince Mike that my strong support of a free and independent Palestine is not somehow motivated by some extra-virulent strain of anti-semitism so insidious I don't even know about it. As opposed to, say, this sort of shit.