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Monday, December 05, 2005

New Logo

Look to your right. Yep. Your eyes does not decieve you. The old, wimpy panda logo I constructed with the "draw" tool of Appleworks is no more. Instead, we have what the baddest, meanest, most pissed-off looking panda I have ever seen. Truly, this is the panda of battle.

The heart-melting cuteness is just a cover. This is what we pandas are really like.

More panda attacks.

(And no, I did not grab the logo off the net -- my boyfriend Gene made it for me, as computer 3-d modelling is his hobby. How groovy is that? "The old panda was like a wimpy liberal circa 2002,", he explained. "This new panda is a 2005 liberal, ready to kick some butt.")
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