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Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Moral Maze of Meat: Woof Woof edition

In other, much sadder doggy related blogging, I read at the Peking Duck that the French Society for the Protection of Animals issued an appeal calling for China to stop the cruel slaughter of dogs for meat.

Now, I am sympathetic to their point of view. The practice of inflicting excessive cruelty to animals, especially at slaughter, is not right whereever it occurs in the world. I would say that it is especially despicable when done to dogs, because so many of them bring us happiness by sharing our lives and giving us their love. But that's my personal view as a dog owner.

However, aren't the French SPA being just un petit peu hypocritical by going after dog-eating in China when the gourmets in their midst are eating fois gras, which is the grotesquely enlarged liver of duck and geese produced by force feeding the birds pounds of grain daily via a metal tube?

It is always easier to criticize the barbaric practices of other societies, isn't it? Animal rights activists in China itself successfully lobbied and protested to keep bullfighting out of China on cruelty to animal grounds.