Battlepanda: How Feingold's censure motion could have been great political theatre


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Monday, March 20, 2006

How Feingold's censure motion could have been great political theatre

Both Neil and Nick argues that the motion for censure could have been a really good move on the part of the Democrats, not to hurt Bush, but to force those Republicans who are up for re-election go on the public and say that they are pro-Bush and against his censure. Bush is about as popular as a bucket full of mud now, and everybody knows it. Had the Democrats been with-it enough to push for a censure motion as a united front, a clear distinction would have been drawn with the Dems (and any rebel Repubs) on one side and the Senate Republicans on the other side...with Bush. Great ad-bait for the fall elections.

So, whose to blame? I agree with Neil and Nick that Feingold needed more discipline, needed to let his own team know what he's up to (although he could have behind doors, we'll never know), needed not to be so eager to be a martyr. At the same time, I find it highly exasperating that once the censure motion was out there, the rest of the Democrats didn't immediately recognize that the worst thing they can do is to let Feingold's motion become isolated and do that is to hand the Republicans a minor coup -- "not even Feingold's fellow democrats think Bush's alleged misconduct is worthy of censure" etc. etc.