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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Pissy Billionaire Catfight!

(Posted by John.)

Oh, snap! via The Oil Drum, we see that the heads of Exxon and GM are two steps away from biting and hair-pulling. First, Exxon was all like "Bitch!":
A recent Exxon advertisement reads, “”Every form of transportation–planes, trains and automobiles–now benefits from improved fuels and engine systems. So why is that despite this overall progress, the average fuel economy of American cars is unchanged in two decades?”
Then, GM is all like "Slut!":
“Despite a documented history of blowing their exorbitant profits on outlandish executive salaries and stock buybacks, and hoarding their bounty by avoiding technologies, policies and legislation that would protect the population and environment and lower fuel costs, Big Oil insists on transferring all of that responsibility on the auto companies,”
Somebody go put some popcorn in the microwave, and get comfortable. I'm waiting for Jerry Springer's security to break it up.

Oh, and the idea of the auto industry - which predicted armageddon because of mandatory seatbelts - accusing the oil industry of failing to support legislation that would protect the population is just damn funny.