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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Life update

I flatter myself into thinking that I have gathered a core of readers here who come back for more than just my latest ravings on current affairs. I feel like I know you guys, and that you might appreciate the nickle version of what's going on in my life.

Postings have been slow because I stupidly messed up my DSL application. Oh, and I had a quarter-life crisis and took a 54 hours a week job as a bartender at a Tapas bar in Taipei. Normality will ensue shortly as I finish the bartending job and start working this summer at the Taipei branch of the Princeton Review. I'm very upset because they got rid of the Analogy section of the SATs. That was my favorite part! In the fall, I'll apply to be a reporter with one of the English language newspapers in Taipei. Wish me luck.

As for Gene, he'll be teaching English and trying to catch some freelance design work. He's studying Chinese too. Dodo is fine, although she's getting over a case of the ear mites.

Hopefully Sonet will come through quick, and I can start putting out the political red meat for y'all again on a regular basis.