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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

To the Commercial Appeal: Fuck You!

This is just a post to say a big "Fuck You!" to the subscription department at the Commercial Appeal and their shady business practices.

Sometime back in the fall, I made the mistake of purchasing a short weekends-only subscription, because I felt sorry for the kid who was going door-to-door selling them. I remember what it was like selling stuff door-to-door to try to get a bit of spending money as a teenager, so I'm sometimes a sucker for that tactic.

I don't really care much for the CA. For the most part, it's vapid and inane. So I decided to just let the subscription lapse when they sent the renewal notice.

Apparently the CA subscription department, unlike every other periodical I've ever subscribed to, doesn't take not responding to a renewal notice as a good enough reason to actually cancel the subscription. And apparently that cancellation notice they sent was just a joke, because they keep throwing the damn paper in my yard every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

But now their subscription department has had the utter gall to use a collection agency to try to get me to pay for a damn subscription renewal that I never fucking requested!