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Monday, July 24, 2006

It's not a by-catch, it's a delicacy

Ohhhh mannn!

Apparently, there is a surfeit of squid in the Pacific Northwest this year. It's called a "by-catch" there, and described as "unusable". Imagine, all that squid going to waste...

C'mon, guys. Have some imagination. I'd rather eat a nice roasted squid over pollock (the main catch) any day. Even better, it could be eaten raw as squid sushi or sashimi. Or if you're too squeamish about it, cut up into rings to be fried as calamari. Want something exotic, use the ink to color pasta. Dried like jerky, they are a popular snack here in Taiwan, and almost all protein. No insult to octopuses, but there is no tastier and more versatile cephalopod the squid.