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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A week's notice

Remember back when Sweet Little Wingnuts are pushing the theory that Lebanon wanted Israel to hit it? (Scroll down to the tenth or so comment)

How do you know that Olmert didn't try diplomacy first, and the Lebonese didn't tell him that Israel would be doing them a big favor by knocking out Hizb'ullah?

Of course, Lebonon would protest "wink, wink".
It was always a stupid, far-fetched idea, but it's made grotesque now with the kind of total war Israel is waging on Lebanon. They struck Saint Therese Hospital Wednesday. Robert Fisk talked of the Exchange Rate of slaughter, and indeed, as the casualties are racked up, it's hard to shake the feeling that Lebanese lives are cheap compared to Israeli ones, much like Yens are cheap compared to the dollar.

By the way, the Israelis have a time limit from us now -- one week to do your worse, then you're out. Israel is savaging Lebanon. We've got the other end of the leash, but we've decided, in our infinite wisdom, to give Israel this much slack and no more.