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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Pass the Popcorn: Conservative Cannibalism edition

Hmm. Goldstein, as well as many other commenters on the right, thought that it was a dreadfully bad move on the part of the Democrats to have turfed out Lieberman. Goldstein even called it Political Cannabalism. I wonder what he thinks of the Club for Growth's latest target -- Lincoln Chafee. If this moderate Republican is replaced by a hardliner, it seems probable that a seat in the senate would be lost to the Republicans.

I can't wait for all the commentators on the right who blasted the netroots for intolerance and extremism go at the Club for Growth. They just took down one candidate who had the backing of not just the GOP but the NRA, now they've got another in the crosshairs despite the fact that he votes with his party most of the time and holds a precious senate seat in a Blue state. If you want to fault Lieberman's detractors for being too single-issue, surely that disapprobation must be extended towards the Club for Growth, whose raison d'etre is to be a single-issue advocacy group. In the light of all the boviating over Lieberman's defeat, it sure can get awfully tempting for a Democrat to start tut-tutting about how the extremists in the Republican Party are just shooting themselves in the foot here.

But hey, I actually recognize how ridiculous it would be for a Democratic blogger to be giving Republicans free political advice. Instead, I'm just going to be enjoying the show:
Sarah Chamberlain Resnick, executive director of the Main Street Republican Partnership, which is backing Chafee, said the Club's efforts will only help Democrats gain more seats in Congress.

"(House Minority Leader) Nancy Pelosi should make sure that Pat Toomey is on her Christmas card list," Resnick said after Schwarz's defeat.
Pass the Popcorn.