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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Political Cannabalism?

Frankly, it puzzles me that the right-wingers are so obsessed with the Lieberman-Lamont primary. Even more puzzling is their widespread and loudly disseminated argument that Lamont is Trouble, that the Dems have shot themselves in the foot. That this is political cannabalism.

As that raging, foaming at the mouth Kossack Kevin Drum pointed out, there are plenty of examples on the right of groups much more fringe than the netroots putting mainstream Republicans in the crosshairs and taking them down. Who on the left really paid attention to the Schwartz/Walberg primary? Did we expend many pixels ruminating on what it bodes for the Republican party now that their moderates are being targeted by ideological groups like the Club for Growth and replaced with fundamentalist preachers? Did we advise them to cool it on the intra-partisan rivalry lest they alienate the voters and tear their party apart? No. If we did, we'd be laughed out of town, and rightly so.