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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

photoblogging: Memphis

Did I mention that I went to visit Brock on a side-trip to Memphis while I was back in the states? Brock prefers to remain mysterious, so no pictures of him. But I did take lots of other pictures. We went to Graceland!

Me in my poncho outside graceland. I'm wearing that poncho in about half the pictures on the trip.

Elvis' three TVs

Only in Graceland.

Elvis' hall of records.

He was a man of many jumpsuits

and magnificent belts

"He was a fine lookin' man. MMMMM mmmm MMMM MMM Mmmmmm" -- random woman on tour. That he was, ma'am.

We also went to the zoo


Brock's camera had good zoom lens

And of course, we saw Pandas!

One's YaYa and the other is LeLe. I don't remember which is which

Although Brock is adamand that he wants his online identity and his private life as a crime-busting superhero strictly separate, I don't think he'll mind me telling you that I thoroughly enjoyed staying at his house, meeting his lovely wife, Miss Panther, Miss Monkey and playing lots of Dance Dance Revolution.