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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Beware the panda

The Telegraph reports on a vicious panda attack in Beijing.
Eight-year-old Gu Gu and another bear were being fed at Beijing Zoo when a 15-year-old boy crossed the 1.4-meter (4-foot-7) barrier surrounding his outdoor exercise area. The 240-pound (110 kilgram) bear turned on the visitor and began ripping chunks out his legs, according to the director of the zoo management office, identified only by his surname, Zhang.

The Beijing News identified the boy as Li Xitao from Hebei province in northeast China, citing emergency medical officials who said he was so viciously attacked that his bones were showing.

Chunks of flesh were left behind in the ambulance, they said.
He's gonna have one cool "how I got this scar" story to tell.