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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Battlepanda on Conan! Sort of!

Yes, that is my voice you hear in Chinese over the animation. For the record, Conan, that animation is made in Taiwan, not Hong Kong! And the guys in the suits are Letterman and Kimmel.

Kimmel doesn't really look like Kimmel, 'tis true. I gave the animation department a face shot of him that doesn't really show his full figure so they didn't make him fat enough. As for Conan's hair, it's really not tall and orange enough even though I told the guys and gals in animation that's Conan's trademark. Apart from that, they did a great job on a turn-around time that is just astounding.

The animations themselves are getting great hits on youtube. The Chinese version, which is far more popular, just passed 100,000 hits. The English version is at a respectable 16,000 or so. Boing Boing linked to it, as did HuffPo, Gawker TV, DeadSpin and Defamer.

And now, I have a burning question for the blogisphere: Who/what would you like Apple Daily to animate next?

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