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Thursday, April 07, 2005

This time the template is not as pretty

Welcome, old and new readers to the battlepanda blog. I'm back.

Well, I guess I never really went away. I shut down the ol' typepad operation, intending to take a break and focus more on doing productive things, but things didn't really pan out that way. Not only did I not use the hours not blogging freed up to go to the gym or clean the house or any of those 101 things I never have time for, I found myself gravitating back towards blogs, so instead of spending hours writing posts, I'm spending hours writing the kind of big, huge, bloviating comments that people never read.

To cut a long story short, now I'm back to blogging. But I still can't justify the typepad costs, so here I am at blogger, which is less pretty and user friendly, but perfectly adequate.