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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

"Who are you going to believe, me, or your lying video camera?"

(Via Brad Delong, title shamelessly stolen from commenter Big Al)

Those protesters arrested at the Republican convention sure have to be thankful for all those Michael Moore wannabes in the crowd.
"We picked him up and we carried him while he squirmed and screamed," the officer, Matthew Wohl, testified in December. "I had one of his legs because he was kicking and refusing to walk on his own."
Oh yeah?
During a recess, the defense had brought new information to the prosecutor. A videotape shot by a documentary filmmaker showed Mr. Kyne agitated but plainly walking under his own power down the library steps, contradicting the vivid account of Officer Wohl...or Mr. Kyne and 400 others arrested that week, video recordings provided evidence that they had not committed a crime....
Man, it's not the perjury that flabbergasts me. It's the sheer scale of it. 400? What were they thinking. And it wasn't as if the Republicans weren't perfectly able of taking care of themselves.