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Monday, April 11, 2005

Fishy Business

Wow! What a quality piece of investigative journalism from the New York Times. The newshound in question knew that something just didn't smell right about this situation. So she went undercover to investigate, sent her evidence to be analyzed by a lab, confronted each and every one of the malefactors she exposed and then crushed their pathetic attempts to weasel out with pathetic lies by actually following up and checking out their stories. What a concept!

Shady fishmongers of Manhattan, you are so busted!

Now that Ms. Marian Burros have vanquished the sham that is the wild salmon trade in March, maybe she'll consider taking her journalistic talents in other departments of her fine paper where they are sorely needed. Maybe she can do a straight swap with Judith Miller. All things considered, given the dire times we're in, I'd rather have bogus stories in the food-and-wine department than the front page. I can see it now -- "Giant Cache of illegal Sechwan peppercorns found -- anonymous source reveals."

(via Mark Kleiman)