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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Another libertarian lets me down

Alex Tabarrok chooses to respond to the recent horrendous decision to let United screw over their employees by jettisoning their pension plans and letting the taxpayers pick up most of the remaining liabilities by making a convoluted jab at Social Security:
A large organization counts on its younger workers and continuing high revenues to fund the pensions and medical care of its retired workers but finds that rising health care costs, longer life-expectancy, and its own inability to control spending force it to cut pension benefits and switch to personal accounts.

Kinda makes you go hmmm...doesn't it?

You know what makes me go "hmmm..."? The lack of honest libertarian analysis on a situation that could really use it -- corporate welfare. Is Alex's hackles not raised by the violation of free-market principles foisted on the business community by the likes of United being kept on life support? Does he not find it distasteful that his tax dollars are going towards honoring United's liabilities so that it can go on, zombie-like, for a few more quarters?