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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Inching towards Democracy

"China will press for democratic progress, unswervingly reestablish democracy, including direct elections," said the Chinese premier Wen Jia-bao.

Yowsa! Stop the presses!

Oh, wait. He just means that democracy will be unswervingly the township level. There is already direct voting at the village level now. "If we Chinese people can manage a village, I believe they can manage a town in several years. " Way to give your countrymen credit there, Mr. Premier. Perhaps in a few years, once the Chinese people outgrow their trikes, they'll be allowed to pick their own state governors.

Seems like the central Chinese leadership are trying to have their cake and eat it. Just as they selectively unleashed the power of the market, they want to selectively unleash democracy to take care of the problem of low-level corruption without threatening their grip on power. Still, it's kind of like a game of Jenga, isn't it. if you keep taking blocks from the bottom, eventually the whole tower has to fall down.

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First came village election, then the Chinese people cast their ballot for Supergirl 2005. Can township elections be far behind? Ah the wheels of Democracy...