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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

All hail the king wingnut

It's always fun when one right-winger become incredulous at another right-winger's unhinged wingnuttery. In this case, Huge Hewitt interviews Tom Tancredo about Narnia, immigration and...nuking Mecca? Well, Tancredo wouldn't rule it out:

HH: Congressman, we have to disagree on Mecca, but I want to move on to a couple of other things.

TT: That's all right. But let me ask you...can I, before we move on, can I ask you one thing?

HH: Very quick.

TT: Okay. Well, first of all, please understand I never said nuke, and when he actually asked me later, after we'd got through this, he said do you mean Mecca. That's all he said. He never used the word nuke, either. And I do not believe in order to accomplish this, if it were actually a viable thing to do, you would ever have to use a nuclear weapon. Now, number two, if you thought, Hugh Hewitt, if you believed that in fact, such an act, or such a threat would prevent a nuclear device from going off in this country, would you use it? Would you do it?

HH: Congressman, I cannot conceive of that ever being effective.

TT: No, no, no. Would you...

HH: No, it's a hypothetical. I don't answer them.

TT: Do you believe that that could happen, Hugh?

HH: I don't answer. It's not possible.

TT: Okay.

HH: It cannot possibly be of any use to discuss it.

TT: Well, then don't ask shouldn't ask me hypothetical...if you won't answer, then you shouldn't ask me.

HH: No, that's not true. That's not my job. I don't make policy, and I didn't bring it up. You guys brought it up.
Is that the same hypothetical nuclear bomb attack scenario used to justify torture? How versatile!