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Friday, December 09, 2005

Belt-tightening tips

...from Jane Galt, just in time for Christmas. For some reason, I really enjoy Jane's writing on financial abstemiousness, either her own, or in this case, advice for others. She strikes the exact right tone of gentle fortitude. She let us know she suffers, but not too much that she seems whiny -- vivid little vignettes of standing up to life's little lacks. As for her advice, it's eminently sensible stuff. Tough, but Jane has a way of making it all sound do-able. Just find a mirror, look into it and say to yourself over and over again "I can't afford it...I can't afford it..." I don't know if she'd agree with this assessment, but it's almost as if she tries to find that kernal of satisfaction in self-denial, helped along by a dash of Victorian faux-melodrama "... if you follow my advice, it should keep you out of the poorhouse." Just say no to that latte!

Talking of pennypinching, this year we are determined to cut down the deadweight cost of Christmas. We are all making list of things we would like, and cutting down on the number of presents by "going in" on substantial purchases with other members of the family. This Christmas is going to be even merrier for being free from gift stress and easier on the wallet besides.