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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

That's some mighty systematic snarking

Boy, did Richard Cravatt ever step in it when he criticized a librarian for not handing over library records without a warrent. This is a doozy for a riposte from, who else, a librarian.
WHILE I couldn't agree less with Richard Cravatts's take on the enforcement of the laws concerning privacy, I will agree with his contention that librarians know the Dewey Decimal System. That a librarian's professional training concentrates on mastering the use of the system is quite off the mark, however, and as enlightened a concept in the 21st century as starting a fire with a stone and a spark.

In any event, should he himself ever need to be catalogued, I've got a spot for him on the shelf at 621.945. That would be the 620s for Engineering, 621.9 for Tools and Fabricating Equipment, and, specifically, 621.945 for Boring Tools.


The writer is a librarian at Buckingham Browne & Nichols in Cambridge.
(From Riba Rambles, who also have some more quality reasons why we should fear and respect our librarian overlords.)