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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Why we gotta get mad about no-knock raids

(You all signed the petition to free Cory Maye, right? If not, go do so now. It'll take one second.)

First, there's good news today -- a top legal firm has committed to providing pro-bono work for Cory Maye. Lets hope he gets his justice soon.

However, there is no good news for Charles Noel, whose wife was shot dead in a no-knock raid last year. She was apparently not a marijuana user, although they did find about half an ounce of his stash. The prosecutors are pushing for the maximum sentence, which means that in addition to losing his wife, Charles Noel might be going to jail for a year. Then there is the case of Salvatore Coulosi Jr, who was under investigation for illegal gambling. He emerged from his house unarmed to meet an undercover officer, whereupon "a police tactical unit swarmed around him. An officer's gun discharged, killing [Culosi]."

Cheryl Lynn Noel was a Sunday School teacher. Sal Coulosi was an optometrist. We're talking about ordinary, decent people here. Not kingpins. Why is this happening?