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Saturday, June 21, 2008

She blogs, she sings!

Angelica's latest hobby? Songwriting. This is the first time I've ever released a song into the YouTubes, so please, comments would make me very happy.

I got the idea for this song a couple of years ago when the Patriot act and the US-Mexico border barrier were big hot button issues, along of course with the continuing scandal of Guantanamo bay. I want a song that tied all those problems together as symptoms of the same disease -- fear -- while also remaining hopeful that America will return to her ideals in the future.

I didn't get around to actually writing the song for a while because I had to get some guitar skillz first. Unfortunately, the issues in the song are still very much with us.

Please let it be Obama 08. I don't want this song to have any relevance in four year's time.

AMERICA [Angelica Oung 2008]

Once upon a time they came from so many different shores
They left it all behind for a life that promised more
The huddled masses stayed the same America did not
There's a new fear in our hearts, our confidence is shot
We let them pick our lettuce in America
Wash the dishes in the shadows of America
While we put up a fence around America

America, land of the free, home of the brave
All eyes are on you, to see what you'll do, today

The stumbling giant shocked by pain
lashed out in righteous rage
Should our decency be shed
on the shores of Guantanamo bay
Invincible, we'll show them all
our mightiness is real
Are we the city on the hill
or will we bend the world to our will

They say freedom's not for free
so give us your liberties
To be a patriot in the name of America


We've still got our rights to life and the pursuit of happiness
But pardon if I ask
what's happened to the rest?
While what makes this nation great is tumbling into dust
If in God we trust, then ask the lord we must
We're fighting for the soul of America
In this dark time for America

Please give us the strength to be Americans