Battlepanda: How many lives does Ahmed Chalabi have?


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Friday, April 29, 2005

How many lives does Ahmed Chalabi have?

(Via the Werewolf)

Ahmed Chalabi Takes Over Iraqi Oil Ministry

Wha??? [cue eye-rubbing double-take, Jon Stewart style.]

This is like appointing Ken Lay to take over the Department of Energy. Except Ken Lay would be more qualified than Chalabi, whose expertise seems to be sucking up to the Bushies while spying for Iran and periodically leading the NYT to embarrass themselves horribly by printing yet another bogus W.M.D. story on their front page.

Honestly, he's like that really inept guy from The Apprentice who somehow survived week after week despite wiping out on every challenge. And even he got his comuppence yesterday. When is Chalabi going to get his? If we really cared about our national security, shouldn't he be in an orange jumpsuit somewhere off the coast of Cuba?