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Friday, May 06, 2005

Angelica watches c-span

Sorry for the recent paucity in posts, folks. I am almost moved out of my
Amherst apartment now and is spending most nights over at my boyfriend's parent's house, which is high on the country charm quotient (it's like living in a bed and breakfast for free!) but low on the connectivity. They have dialup, which feels like reading stone tablets as it is being carved, spoiled as I am by DSL.

So what have I been doing instead? Walking the schnauzer dog in the glorious New England springtime, knitting and watching wayyyy too much C-span. I can't believe that I am at that stage when C-span has become passable entertainment when there's nothing else on. I tell myself I'm tuning in just for a minute to hear the crackpot callers with their conspiracy theories, but I ended up watching the house debate the $82 billion dollars off-the-budget extravaganza for funding Iraq with the national ID hitching a ride. The passage of the thing was never in doubt, as who wants to be on the record as against more money for the troops? Never mind that we've already sunk hundreds of billions of dollars into Iraq and that many of those billions of dollars disappeared unaccounted for.