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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

'06 starts right now

Elaine, at the indispensible Culture of life II blog, alerts me to a snap election for district 2 in Ohio. Let's see, Our guy is a straight-talking ex-marine family man just back from Iraq. The gal they're putting up is cookie-cutter big-pearls wearin', under ethics investigatin' Republican reeking of the worst kind of politics. How can we not be 100% behind Paul Hackett?

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"For the red, white and blue."

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Lobbyists are my bitches.

Need more convincing?

Watch this commercial from GrowOhio.
Ann Driscoll from MyDD is on the case (scroll down).
Stephen Yellin from DCCC is on the case.
Swing State project is all over it.
Atrios and the atriots raised $3250 already.
Here's a blog all about the race.

NOTE: Updated to reflect my misconceptions over the circumstances under which the incumbant left the post. Bush appointed him to be US trade representitive.