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Thursday, August 18, 2005

At the Drive-in

Yesterday was my very first drive-in movie experience. We went to the Brightleaf Drive-in for a double-feature. I enjoyed it so much I really question whether I'd ever watch movies any other way if I had the choice. The screen was huge, and set well back so that nobody had to crane their necks. We we comfortable and had privacy in our own car, yet it feels more like an event than plopping in front of the TV set.

The movies themselves were quite mediocre. The Dukes of Hazzard was amusing enough to join the (very) limited selection of dumb, jock-ey comedy I have a soft spot for. The Skeleton Key was as predictable and derivative as all gets out ("So that's why they made her best friend black, so the best friend can tell the heroine all about 'hoodoo'.") But that's OK. The experience transcends the actual films. All for $5 a person.

Sad that there are not many drive-in cinemas around anymore.