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Thursday, August 18, 2005


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All things considered, I think the Israeli pullout of Gaza have gone more smoothly and provided more hope than I expected. There were the diehards who inevitably put up a struggle, but given the nature of the settlements that is only to be expected.

On Fox, I saw an woman in typical settler attire -- a tight kerchief covering the head and simple cloths. She was angry and heartbroken and protesting being removed from her home by fellow Jews in perfect American English. Where did she come from? Maybe California? I'm no good at discerning accents. I imagined the same anguish and the same protests issuing from a Palestinian woman who originally occupied this land as she was wretched from her home, decades ago. Perhaps 'ironic' isn't the word I'm looking for -- something sadder and more poignant, perhaps, is required.