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Thursday, October 06, 2005

'flu season

Sorry for the paucity of posts lately. The combination of being stricken with the flu and internet no-worky at home will do that. Half of London seems to be laid low with the same strain -- lots of sniffling plus the empty, hacking cough that usually signals, in a movie anyhow, that one's character is not going to make it to the final reel.

If you find yourself similarly afflicted, get to a Chinatown if you can and pick up one of these bottles. This is the best (and best tasting) cough syrup ever made.
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The English transliteration is something terrible like "Nin Jom Pi Pa Kua" or something. But you're best off just looking for the right packaging. It's magical stuff. As soon as you swallow a little bit you can feel the soreness in your throat subsiding and the yucky phlegmminess dissapating. It works best if you take it in tiny tiny sips. So it's just as well that it's really yum -- kind of soothing and herbal like Ricola drops. But better.