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Monday, November 21, 2005

It's not the's the excuse making

The can-you-change-your-name-and-still-be-a-feminist? argument is one of those that I feel like I have to have just about every 6 month or so. And it's always the same. Always, I find myself arguing with people on my own side, always we end up flustered, red in the face, vaguely chargrined. It always got very personal very quickly if you are female. Well, no longer, because Amanda Marcotte has written a post that is the last word on this issue. Hallelujah, she has set me free.

I'm not going to quote from it because it is one of those subtle, drawn out posts that starts off talking about one thing and sneaks its main topic on you mid-way through in such a way that it all comes together. Just go read.