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Friday, November 18, 2005

Jonah Goldberg admits Bush is a liar

...and therefore just like Roosevelt!

Now, let's leave aside interesting arguments over whether Roosevelt deliberately told untruths, or was merely forced by circumstances to rescind campaign promises he couldn't cash.

And let's not bother pointing out the idiocy of comparing Gulf II to WWII (though I point you to Jedmonds at Pandagon, who has a great quip: "A utilitarian argument, it seems to me, requires at the very least, a net utilitarian gain. But who thinks Iraq was worth “it” these days?").

The important thing is, Jonah Goldberg admits Bush is a liar. That's the whole premise of his op-ed.

Like I said before, the tide has turned.
The conservatives are desperately groping for a new angle to spin. Instead of engaging their new spin, weak as it is, perhaps the most effective angle of attack for liberals is simply to point out that the goalposts have been moved. By moving on to the "Yeah, so?" arguments, the conservatives have effectively conceded defeat on some very vital questions. Don't forget to rub it in their faces:

Republicans now agree with Democrats that Iraq is a debacle

Republican columist Jonah Goldberg agrees that Bush is a Liar