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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Lets destroy America in order to save it

Rox Populi points out the disturbing willingness of some liberals to treat the abortion issue as a bargaining chip. She found this particularly distateful example at TPM cafe:

The American public for decades has by some margin supported a women’s right to chose, and most just take it for granted that this right will never be taken away. As a result, a good many pro-choice folks happily vote Republican and just count on those of us who they don’t support to carry their water on this issue, all the while they’re busting our chops on other issues, making fun of us and generally carrying on like ignorant fools.

Well, I’ve had enough. Let the GOP overturn Roe and teach these so called moderate creeps a little civics lesson. Elections have consequences and one of them is that the winner of the presidential race gets to pick Supreme Court judges. They can also learn about one party rule.

Hey, and while we're at it, why not roll over on the Iraq war issue as well? This way all we'll have to do is wait until enough American boys and girls get killed over there before the American people run straight back into Democrat arms. And let Bush go ahead and privatize Social Security...after a few years of eating cat food, we will own the Baby Boomer voting block! Yes. We need to let the Republicans screw Americans over really bad so that we can teach them a lesson about how we care.