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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

What's cookin' in Gaza?

Tentative good news from the Gaza Strip? There seem to be an agreement signed, brokered by Condi Rice, with an assist from Jim Wolfensohn, apparently. Well, color me surprised that she is actually doing diplomacy.
The six-point agreement touches on travel by land, sea and air to and from Gaza. For many Palestinians, the most important breakthrough, and the one with the most immediate impact, is the proposed opening on Nov. 25 of the Rafah crossing on Gaza's southern border with Egypt.

Palestinians have never previously controlled a border crossing, but now will be able to come and go from Gaza to Egypt without having to pass through Israeli security.

Good. Very good. With border crossings, seaports and airports unhobbled by Israeli control, the possiblity of growing commerce emerges. With a healthier economy, Palestinian residents in Gaza will gradually come to have something to lose beside their lives. People with something to lose tend not to blow themselves up.

I know there are many people out there who will be skeptical. Would Sharon really let the Palestinians out from under his thumb? Well, I was skeptical too in the run-up to the withdrawal. Yet that went surprisingly smoothly. Perhaps both sides will start getting addicted to not getting killed instead of mutual hatred and paranoia.