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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

When talking animals are OK, and when they aren't

Roxanne asks about the flap over Narnia. After all, she points out, there have been plenty of other movies that adapt Christian motifs. Why get in a huff over CS Lewis? Well, I think the backlash is really a reaction not against the film, but by the way the Christian community is embracing it as a parable of sorts.

As for me, I refuse to have the debate on the terms of the Christian right. I enjoyed the Narnia books as a tot, and I'll continue to enjoy them independent of how they are percieved. The more interesting question is, how can the religious right justify even tolerating, let alone approve as edifying, such a blatently pagan text? According to their internal logic, surely talking lions whose actions echo that of Christ, witches, a parallel world with mythical beings are blasphemous imagining even if they did come from a devout. Remember all the indignation over Harry Potter because it contained witchcraft?

Consistency really isn't those people's strong suit, is it?